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I call it a perfect evening relishing a new dish while sipping a cup of tea with the one I love beside me 🙂

My subtle sense of smell and dormant taste buds suddenly seem to wake up and we are having a fabulous time exploring our world of cooking.

I find it romantic sharing a piece of it, those silly ha’s and na’s while cooking

Here is a pic of the Indian dish: Gobi Manchurian I am so fond of. The flavors of soy, chilli sauce, spring onion, bell pepper seem to do their job perfectly with a sip of coke down my throat.


To get a hang of this mouth-watering dish, do check out my other posts.

8 thoughts on “Yum

      1. the only drink I drink apart from wine is H2O, Coconut juice, Soda Water or fresh smoothies I avoid soda, I.e Coke etc like the plague always have and never let my kids have them even before all these scary tales etc just thought they couldn’t be good for them and Mr Frosty was a definate No deprived my kids…lol but each to their own 🙂

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      2. That’s very thoughtful and being cautious is always the best esp with kids. Btw, I do drink H20{Survival demands}, coconut, other juices and smoothies 🙂 Its good to be chatting with you. WP, Get the chat room going soon.

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