The sun had barely begun its ascent at Gladstone in the eastern boundaries spread in an ash-rose light that softened the bright hues. The ringing of the phone filled the room echoing in her ears.
Linda stretched her hand to the bedside for the alarm. Thoughts spurred in her mind with her head buried between the soft pillows of purple shades that added to the glossy look even in the moon-lit night across the bedroom window.

A pale brown two-storey building with three giant rooms, grey roofs wearing off and steep slope right ahead amidst the centre of the house was all Linda’s home. Home filled with memories of laughter and merriness. The rose bushes pink in color still stood around the door in a random way, the white windows seemed immaculate. Linda enjoyed the fresh blossoms and scent of the flowers. She had a garden at the backyard full of roses and tulips. Suddenly, she heard the sound of breaking glass. She quickly wrapped some decent clothes around her, the satin inner piece was doing no good after all but something to spare her pride would not hurt.

Linda remembered having turned off the lights before she went to bed. She wondered if Terry had been coming home late, the fact being he was always late no matter how hard Linda tried to figure out a way to make up to her brother. To her surprise, the couch was empty, no sign of Terry anywhere in the dining room; She felt throbbing pain in her head so hard that she had to hurry upstairs back to her room. Her eyes felt heavy and tired. She wondered about the missing alarm clock and the sounds. A thrilling sensation down her spine gripped with fear haunted her.

Crawling through a pancake house with the doors being too small for her to squeeze in, this played on an endless repeat every other night. Sundays were feast for Terry and Linda. They would end up fighting to grab the layer of carmel corn covered in candy. Every single moment during her childhood seemed so memorable. She wished Terry would be home sooner or later.

Result of the panicked dream, Linda woke up exhausted dreaming. Russell sleeping on her bed, she felt a level of comfort. The clock was where it was last night. The sunlight beamed in through the curtains of the window. Linda fought back the rays covering with the soft layers of fabric, cross-stitched. Alas! She had to get going. To be enjoying the view stretching across the bay side from her bedroom window was breathtaking. She smiled wistfully with her childhood memories and pulled the curtains aside for a closer look.

Linda looked beautiful with her glossy skin, her auburn curls let loose and the smudged makeup.A slender oval face with an addition to the decent minimal alterations in shape made her look terrific and wanting. At least four of her friends from college were planning weddings in the next year. She had to pull this off without a hitch and there was no room for certainty and waiting for Michael anymore. Linda knew that it was a matter of her memory. In the past few months, She had been having strange nightmares. Her brother was always part of those dreams. Something was wrong; Linda wanted to find out. She swore to herself. However, thoughts never settled in
for a better reason. At 27, she seemed the perfect reflection of her mother with dark hair, blonde and her deep blue mysterious eyes added charm. As she walked down the streets, she heard the playful laughter, the way every day her mom used to talk during breakfast.

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