In my dream, I woke up enthralled by your eyes,
In my dream, I held your hand in mine,
In my dream, I watched you fall asleep,
In my dream, I felt my heart-beat rapidly,
In my dream, I saw you like the burning star bright in the

midst of the winter night,
In my dream, you held me gently and rocked back and forth,

In my dream, you caressed my cheek with the back of your hand,

Your fingers so irresistible, I lay still
Every day, I am falling in love with you all over again,
I stood frozen while you were long gone before the Sunrise. I dreamt with open eyes in the dusty memory of my mind.



One day, my love will grow old with me. You would never cease to amaze me even then, I will sigh with a gesture of fulfilled life with you.

I suppose,
A feeling of togetherness that embraces me being with you, A feeling out of blue that makes me breathe with faith in you, A feeling of warmth that makes me cherish watching you Clueless, I remain.
Soothe me with your countless ways,
Cuddle close and rejoice the essence of love,
Amuse me with your countless ways,
Come, grow old with me.



A layer of indefinite reason entangled in the cob-web of illusion,

A mystical wrap of vitality glowed in the land of grief beyond hope,

The mirth of soul dragging you towards the edge surrounded by lies,

The waves of emotions sweeping you away from the garden of memories,

The deepest dark secrets lay lifeless in the solitude of forbearance,

The effortless promises rest soulless in the magnitude of resemblance,

The ebb beyond the tides of jealousy lay endless in the eyes of his pretentiousness,

The step on the path and the kinship of soul left her a secret that wandered through the unnatural quake of dismay.

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