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When I wake up

What do you do when you wake up???

Usually, the first thing I do when I wake up is think about my Grandma.. She is far far away in another country and I totally miss being with her. Anyways, life goes on no matter what… the very touch I feel is my hubby’s hand warmth and that feeling is amazing because he can never love me less.

Second thing : My Phone πŸ™‚ I can sense the way she looks at me, after so many years I have lost my place slightly and nevertheless I desire your touch.. lol!!! Am I weird??? why the hell will I hear my mobi say this πŸ˜’

Good Morning WordPress

Explore your today and forget your yesterdays

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My Den

My mornings

Saturday feels like a blissful Sunny morning to kick start my day unlike the other weekends.. I have been on and off with the on-going trips,I was never at home enjoying a relaxed morning cup of black tea.

I have been trying to get hold of the Paperback copy of “The secret” book πŸ˜‘

Have a lovely weekend!!!!!

My Den

Just Mornings


won’t call it a good morning!!! I will stick to just “Morning”.

I have sore throat and with the blustery winds and storm, I am in no mood for a very good start.

Nevertheless, my writing continues and the cover reveal of my third book due, I am in hurry and quite confused about the blog tours or just host a Facebook event or go with the Goodreads.