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The Gods Must Be Us By Author Dennis N. Clegg

“What’s more fascinating than sinking into the world of books?” 

I have been reading books of all genres lately and this is one of those great reads.


Can a fiction novel help you embrace your inner god? 

What if you had the power to stop a tsunami in its tracks? Dennis N. Clegg, Ph.D., reveals in his new book, “The Gods Must Be Us,” how he participated in doing just that with the powerful tsunami that destructively hit Japan in 2011. When he heard the massive wave was plowing toward Hawaii, he applied information he had previously written about to make the energy of the tsunami relax and dissipate. 
Cleggs new book explores this idea that what we consider to be miracles can actually be everyday occurrences. Its a fictional, spiritual adventure novel based on the authors experience with a supernatural event and encourages readers to tap into their own core empowerment.
My Review:
The author has really turned fiction into a miracle and this book reflects the level of intimacy and the reader can comprehend the perception beyond the mind of the person carving this story. Although it took me a while, I am glad I read the book slow and steady. I received the copy for a unbiased review and I thoroughly recommend reading it if you are looking to rediscover the hidden unacceptable “You”.
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Hope you will enjoy reading as much as I did.

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The Missing

What have you read lately??

I am occupied with ‘The missing’ by Chris Mooney. Definitely a page turner. It is a marvellous piece of thriller with intense investigation and analysis. it is dark and horrific, something beyond your imagination(basement scenes)…

Don’t miss to grab your copy.. You will be glued to your chair once you hold the book.


P.S : the killer has a name and the reader gets to know all about him in the first few 100 pages 🙂

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Feel wonderful: Verified review

True Love Series
True Love Series

“Pieces of Time” by Euphonos Aus is a love story. The protagonist, 27 year old Linda Robson, “likes love the classic way and yearns to meet her true love.” (end of quote) The novella is set in the early 90’s in the fictional town of Gladstone, a small town known for artwork and craft exhibitions. The narrative style is attention-grabbing. Readers will encounter amusing linguistic choices.

As a teacher of English, and a language learner myself, it made me think of my use of German and Spanish as I was learning to express myself in those languages. Although amusing, my meanings would always be understandable. And of course, love is a universal language, understood by all who encounter it. This is the case also with “Pieces of Time”. This is a novel that expresses the universal hope of all human beings to love and be loved perfectly.

Most of us lose that illusion early on in life, others remain its captive for a lifetime. Linda Robson has high hopes she will be loved by the man whom Fate has destined for her. This is the intriguing aspect that allows readers to relate to Linda, to see life through her eyes and understand it through her unconventional linguistic choices. Indeed, it is the imperfection evident in her use of language that acts as a metaphor, for me, that true love is not about perfection itself, but rather, the perfect ability to love and be loved in spite of our non-perfect selves.

This is an enjoyable book that anybody who believes in the power of love will be happy to read, from page first to page last. With love for my wife who accepts my unconventional expressions of love, I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed by Thomas Jerome Baker
Author of How to Coach a Debate Team (Volume 1)

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Kill me once

Well Readers,

I am finally done reading “kill me once” by Jon Osborne. i kind of had mixed feelings or Opinion is rather more profound and apt about the book..

Definitely a page-turner and will sure keep you on your toes.. Yet, the ending was very precise and predictable.. If you have read my earlier post on this book, you can relate to it.. In about few pages we get to know the Serial killer Nathan Stiedowe’s motive behind the killings and how he copies the previous notorious serial killers profiles and doings.. I did feel sorry for him for his dark past.. Nevertheless, its no point of going ahead and killing innocent people..

The FBI agent Dana Whitstone having lost her parents at the age of 4 has seen the killer and his piercing eyes when he brutally kills her parents..
It is about how close she is with the killer.. Does the killer know her too well or do they both think alike????

Although I didn’t want to continue reading because of the brutality in the way Nathan does his job, I couldn’t resist and finally I read it..

Have you read this book??

would love to know what you think..

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Linda the protagonist in my short story likes love the classic way..

Will she believe in destiny or true love??

what are you waiting for?

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