Cover reveal:Wings of Emotions – Volume II

Title: Wings of Emotions – Volume II

Author: Euphonos

Publication Date: August 14th, 2014

Genre: Poetry

What lies beyond the poet’s mind?

A chance of unknown fate, Poems that speaks one’s life, regrets that come uninvited while living a wonderful imperfect life with a sense of happiness and wishful ways to spend rest of our lives is what it is all about the second volume.


A profound testament to unconditional love, loss and hope, this free-flowing verse paints a picture of the first breathless moments of new love to the heartache of letting go.  Each word is a swath of elegance and grace that will linger in the halls of your memory for years to come.


Author’s Bio

I am an avid reader, blogger and author of “Wings of Emotions & Pieces of Time”. Growing up reading classics has always fascinated my belief in fairy tales. Also, I always had the flair for writing when I was a kid. I am an Engineer by profession. But, there is a born writer within me who has great passion to pen what I believe in.

I live in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, a very happening place; Yet, I am one of those who enjoys sitting at home in my pajamas and watching television. I love living my life the way it is and for who I am and have no regrets. Now, don’t fall for that!!! I do have regrets. Nevertheless, the curiosity to live my life and wish for something miraculous has never left me peaceful. Also, you will always find me with a book in hand.

My first work includes poetry intertwined with human emotions of love, grief, loss of loved ones in a free verse equated with rhythm and sometimes my writing is breezy. You’ll find me lovable.



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8 thoughts on “Cover reveal:Wings of Emotions – Volume II

    1. Hello Sumedha,

      Thank you for stopping by. Appreciate your kind words. Yes, There will be e-book release and I have a mixed opinion about opting for amazon createspace or any other service that can offer paperback 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello,
        Thanks for the reply. It’s very kind of you. By the way, what are the other services that can offer paperback? Would love to check them if links are there. My Regards to you !


      2. Hello,

        You’re very welcome and thanks to you for checking out my blog posts.. Coming to the paperback, I guess it depends..I just know Amazon Createspace, BookBaby, smashwords and, I’m trying to figure out and explore the feasible and best choice.

        Please keep me posted if you get to know something soon.



  1. Hello Euphonos. I love the cover for your book. How lovely and mystical.. captivating as well. I love poetry and write much of it myself. Can’t wait to read all your works

    Liked by 1 person

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