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Sense of life

Busy have I been lately? 

Yes, but a sense of relief when I come back to check my WP posts and read some interesting stuff.

There’s lot going on in my life right now. Today, I just felt like how amazing it would be if whole world stood still right now and not a thing I would like to change. 

Thank you bloggers and readers from all over the world!!!! You all have been wonderful.

A special thanks to my poetry lovers. The sales have been great and we are on the rock.

My first poetry book

It is something…

I never really let that joy become part of my life until I wrote Volume II. There was some magical driving force that travelled along with me when I wrote every poem.

I felt a sudden sadness,

Sometimes, it was sudden urge to fight,

Other times, it was sudden urge to roar back like never before,

The sudden numbness,

The sudden dull-ache in my heart,

The sudden gust of melancholy,

The sudden rush of happiness,

The sudden memory of abandoned soul

I increased my pace to write and believed in telling a story to the world. Every poem has a story of its won in “WINGS OF EMOTIONS VOL II” and it is very close to my heart and soul.

There is concept behind everything I wrote.

Grab your copy for just .99c and feel free to share your thoughts.

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Weekend Fever

In the evening, I had nothing to do but play around with Pic Collage while I enjoyed sipping my black tea while watching the most awaited Cricket 🙂 

Guess what!!! happened to create this…..

lol!!! If you found it weird/lol/wow/wtf  feel free to share your thoughts…

Happy weekend Bloggers 🙂

Have a lovely week ahead.. 


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Fear of a Writer – I

Writers see a different picture altogether when it comes to why we write a book or why do we wish that it does good in the market.

While I was on a holiday, I was wondering if anyone was reading my book at all? There is no blunt way to explain the fear that transcends at that point and haunts you for a while. Nevertheless, Trust me, It is the doorway to freedom for every author.


When I first began writing, folks around me suggested to get paperback copies straight away and pay some bucks to post in few groups which might help my book get some exposure. I never did and I don’t regret for not doing it either.

I started blogging and that’s when folks really got to know who I am and that’s when amazingly my book sales rose to unexpected heights and “Touch Wood”, book sales and reviews are great. I appreciate and thank all the readers who have honestly criticised and praised my poetry 🙂

Well, to the former question I raised about whether anyone really is reading my book: Definitely, even if it is friend of your friend who got your book as a gift, someone is reading your book at the end of the day 🙂

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Holiday undenying truth Day 1

Life is hell when all of a sudden the strangers in your family become your dear ones and sit on your neck.. makes me feel dizzy and cranky…

I wonder what goes on in their head…
Is it just the repulsive notion or beyond my comprehension of the theory behing their doing..

Universe, Please hold on and walk with me through this journey of fake love, fake affection which was long lost in flames, the free-advice zone and oh crap!!! the ones who don’t seem to get a hang of what you are really wanting to say… or pretend they don’t…

All I want is to be truly happy, real happy from my inner-self and wipe away those souls of negativity spreading like wild fire just to satisfy their consciousness if they ever had one earlier ofcourse…