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The Soft Pillow

“The soft pillow” will be available on amazon on February 14th, 2020.

You can grab your copy and enjoy a short read by the fire all warm and cozy sipping a cup a tea or you could sit by the window and enjoy reading it.

Soft Pillow is very close to my heart and there’s a story behind the cover of it. That’s me. It is not a book of poetry or free-verse. The book has random thoughts lined up and very basic. About a woman who still is a girl madly in love. It is like a bubble wrap of every feeling put together in one place.

Don’t open it with too much expectation. You will be disappointed.

My favorite of all times I wrote was “He became the ink in her pen and she never stopped writing”.

Feel free to reach me for a free copy. Honest review would be appreciated.

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The mirth in your eyes, a measure of your freedom,

The shades of green slightly bowed on the window aisle.

The tree, silvery bloom spilled over the moonlight.

A moment of triumph for the lady with blue eyes, I wonder.

A magic spell cast on her daisy-sprinkled hair swept off her feet imagined like never before brought out the russet glow of her hair so beautiful,

The sapphire dress hanging over her lovely shoulders with a row of curls hung loose around her neck,

A moment of adorable feast for my eyes, I wonder.

She grinned and he relished the response armed with nothing but his self-esteem.

The beginning of adventurous journey,

The blue-eye climbed down the ladder;

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Wings of Emotions Vol II

A collection of free-verse poems that have a story and can’t wait to be read.

Grab a copy from amazon or contact me on facebook/instagram for your copy and review would be great.

Instagram::: euphie1184