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Book Signing

Book Signing, It is.
What a weather!
I walked dancing in green while the rain poured and the clouds smiled and the birds chirped.
The butcherbird peeped through the window while I put my curls up.
I heard the kookaburra laughter and the bird flock gathered across the lemon tree while the wet green side stared right through my soul.

The Soft Pillow is available on amazon.
My Book Cover · my den

The Soft Pillow

“The soft pillow” will be available on amazon on February 14th, 2020.

You can grab your copy and enjoy a short read by the fire all warm and cozy sipping a cup a tea or you could sit by the window and enjoy reading it.

Soft Pillow is very close to my heart and there’s a story behind the cover of it. That’s me. It is not a book of poetry or free-verse. The book has random thoughts lined up and very basic. About a woman who still is a girl madly in love. It is like a bubble wrap of every feeling put together in one place.

Don’t open it with too much expectation. You will be disappointed.

My favorite of all times I wrote was “He became the ink in her pen and she never stopped writing”.

Feel free to reach me for a free copy. Honest review would be appreciated.