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I call it a perfect evening relishing a new dish while sipping a cup of tea with the one I love beside me 🙂

My subtle sense of smell and dormant taste buds suddenly seem to wake up and we are having a fabulous time exploring our world of cooking.

I find it romantic sharing a piece of it, those silly ha’s and na’s while cooking

Here is a pic of the Indian dish: Gobi Manchurian I am so fond of. The flavors of soy, chilli sauce, spring onion, bell pepper seem to do their job perfectly with a sip of coke down my throat.


To get a hang of this mouth-watering dish, do check out my other posts.

My Den

Enchanting minds

Enchanting minds!!! The quotes are absolutely fantastic and thought-provoking… 

I can’t wait to get hold of this tiny book  and I don’t really know what I am gonna be upto… will keep all my lovely followers posted..

After this amazing long holiday, all that I can think of is my sweet home and loved ones whom I miss so terribly.. I wish I had wings to fly. Actually, I always wished for them.. That’s one of the notions behind my first book being titled “Wings of Emotions”..

Enough about my stupid conversation, I will be back with some interesting blog posts and author interviews and hell lot about myself.. By the way, I fell in love with the quote in the picture…