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The soft pillow

The ringing of the phone filled the room echoing in her ears.

Linda stretched her hand to the bedside for the alarm. Thoughts spurred in her mind.

She was lost in her own thoughts with her head buried between the soft pillows of purple shades that added to the glossy look even in the moon-lit night across the bedroom window.

A pale brown two-story building with three giant rooms, grey roofs wearing off and steeply slope right ahead amidst the center of the house was all Linda’s home.

Home filled with memories of laughter and merriness.

The rose bushes pink in color still stood around the door in a random way. The white windows seemed immaculate.

Linda enjoyed the fresh blossoms and scent of the flowers. She had a garden in the backyard full of roses and tulips.

She heard the sound of breaking glass.

She quickly wrapped some decent clothes around her, the satin inner piece was doing no good after all, but something to spare her pride wouldn’t hurt.

my den


This year during my Indian trip, a beautiful quote caught my eye @ChitChatChai when I and my friend went to hang out for a while. Although, I have read it many times and well-heard, those vibes at that moment seem to amaze me. 

My Den

Live your moment

We all have our moments.
Forgive and Forget.
Live merrily.
Fall in love easily.
Coz you never really know what tomorrow holds for you..

Live your moment without regret.
Smile generously. A magical vibe that will let others curve their lips..

Something meaningful I wrote this morning while I was struggling to kick-start my

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Whole new level

I was actually surprised to find myself so obsessed with this book that’s releasing in five days. It is pulling me upto a whole new level.


Guess what? Have I mentioned, I am working on each and every poem all over again. I just don’t get the sense or satisfaction of completion.

Are you a writer? Were you or are you tied up by this unbearable obsession at any point..

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