My first poetry book

Gratitude and Wings

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Well, having made 500 posts in 2 years, I am thankful for all those who took time to stop by and say hello. Some of you encouraged me to write, explore my inner soul and the zeal to share it all with you everyday made me who I am today.

Although I started blogging with the sole motive to share only the work of authors and mine, I began writing and sharing my quotes, any piece of information that caught my interest and pictures that have had real impact on me.

I have enjoyed every moment and I believe now is the time to show enormous amount of gratitude to you all.

Also, You can check out my poetry Volumes on Amazon 🙂 If amazon prices seem too high and if you are interested to read, Please reach me at

Thank you 🙂


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Enchanting minds

Enchanting minds!!! The quotes are absolutely fantastic and thought-provoking… 

I can’t wait to get hold of this tiny book  and I don’t really know what I am gonna be upto… will keep all my lovely followers posted..

After this amazing long holiday, all that I can think of is my sweet home and loved ones whom I miss so terribly.. I wish I had wings to fly. Actually, I always wished for them.. That’s one of the notions behind my first book being titled “Wings of Emotions”..

Enough about my stupid conversation, I will be back with some interesting blog posts and author interviews and hell lot about myself.. By the way, I fell in love with the quote in the picture…