My Den · My first poetry book

I was asked by a stranger

Who am I???
Where am I from???
What do I do for living???
Where do I live???
What is my name???(first and last)

Well, my poems tell you who I am,
Well, my words tell you where I am from,
Well, iota of guess and observation will help you know how I earn my bread and butter,
Well, I admire your interest in knowing all about me although you are a stranger,
Your time and interest landing in the right place could fetch all that you want to know,
While I am glad to write to the world where there’s no place for judgement and no space for un-reasonable prejudices…

I was asked by a stranger in quite a uninviting tone and so firm their perception remained although I agreed to help them promote their first book for free in the possible ways I know of..

If you are someone who is curious about anything at all other than my work, I am done with you..