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My Nameless Book

I have been humbled by the love of my readers and here is a sneak peek from my nameless self-help book releasing soon.

“Who would have thought our mind can be strong when it is wandering off in its own playful ways”?

Change your thoughts. Change the way you think and the whole perspective or aversion you have built around yourself, the closed walls, Open them. Shut them every now and then but let them be opening and inviting the warmth and love of people around you. Universe responds to positive and negative thought with the same frequency. But, it is the magnitude of your thoughts which plays a key role in what you choose and send out to the Universe and what you ask for in return for your thoughts. So, think wise, think positive and you will be happy and yourself.


Happy Writing 🙂

My Den


 Reflection of my happy soul. Letting go of something that bothers you is a beginning of the journey of your soul.

The other day I shared something that just crossed my mind on my fb author page:

Your soul is content only when you let go your past and live your present;

Well, letting go is the difficult part. 

“What do you think?”

That’s me this morning. I am enjoying the beautiful warmth and glowing with gratitude for another day the ultimate power gave me.

Random thoughts


Change is you.


This is the first line from my upcoming nameless self-help book.
Well, there’s lot to give back to the Universe and take back from it.
The enormous powerful energy is waiting to reflect upon each of us and it is you alone who can change the you and become the new “YOU”.

I was going to hold the most awaited book “The Secret” today but couldn’t. Nevertheless, something more awaits. This is what I consider changing my thought and going with the flow rather than thinking the otherwise.

I am sure you are wondering if I can’t just buy it in the stores if I am loving the Universe and secret teachings so much. Well, it is a long story and I’ll get there to share with you all soon.

A piece from

I didn’t want my WP readers to miss reading my thoughts.

My Den


Hello Bloggers,

I went a step ahead in reaching out to my readers from Google World and started my blog :

I am sure you will find it interesting 🙂

I will keep you all posted.