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Enchanting minds

Enchanting minds!!! The quotes are absolutely fantastic and thought-provoking… 

I can’t wait to get hold of this tiny book  and I don’t really know what I am gonna be upto… will keep all my lovely followers posted..

After this amazing long holiday, all that I can think of is my sweet home and loved ones whom I miss so terribly.. I wish I had wings to fly. Actually, I always wished for them.. That’s one of the notions behind my first book being titled “Wings of Emotions”..

Enough about my stupid conversation, I will be back with some interesting blog posts and author interviews and hell lot about myself.. By the way, I fell in love with the quote in the picture…

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If life seemed so easy as I always thought..Can’t really get a picture of where I would be and who I would be with…

I am starting to figure out why some believe in fate and destiny so much.
The more I tend to accept and not reason and worry too much, I see magic happening in my life right now…

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Morn or bed time?

What’s that one thought before you goto bed or after you wake up in the mornings?
For me, it is the photo album of my mum and my childhood memories…somehow, I misplaced the whole bunch of pics and have been feeling low since evening….


Signing off for today… Good night…

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I have never felt alive in the past few months. Don’t really know the inner essence of all of it but I am sure I am joyous and starting to see from a more optimist point of view.


Not complaining nor am I trying to win hearts, I am just myself and the very notion makes me feel complete even if it lasts for moments.

So, any changes lately that have swept you in awe? Love to hear all about it.

Picture belongs to weheartit.

Copyright @Euphonos 2014.

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If there was something that worked parallel with being positive, it is being a way out with optimism. My notion of this embarrassing band of thought flow that must always be positive is pretty tough when pessimistic clouds hit my brain hard enough to never give it a try.

If my thought flow could reflect events in my favor, what more could I wish for? Yes, I can only wish and hope; doesn’t necessarily the outcome be what I wanted or even positive; Nevertheless, it is more to deal with your outlook towards any outcome and not say “think positive and it will happen” saying belongs to the books.

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The Very Strange “ME”


My pictures are flat or sometimes blurry or its got to do with me, I still have had this strange habit of keeping every single picture I clicked.

Blurry, Crispy or even ugly?, No matter how washed out the picture might be of myself or anyone else, I still keep it alive with me. It might sound weird for some, actually doesn’t make sense for the rest. But, I have a philosophy which is quite convincing;

“It is not just the beautiful me but I admire the ugly or weird me too”.