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Every little piece around us is constantly trying to tell us something. In the morning while I was making breakfast, my eyes wandered to the window and the little plant pot I bought earlier reminded me something to keep me going.

Be grateful and be thankful everyday.

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My Poetry

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, Thank you all for making this happen.

My poetry books have been among Amazon Best Sellers earlier too but never it has been #1 among 3 categories.

Wings of Emotions Vol 1: 60 poems 77 reviews.

Wings of Emotions Vol II{Silken Roses} : 30 poems  8 reviews{I haven’t had time to ask reviewers to review, the book is doing well even without reviews magically}.

Both the books are KU.

You can grab your copy from amazon or you can reach me at for a copy. I would be happy to provide if you can promise to read and review.

Thank you 🙂 Here are the screenshots attached.




My Den

Fear of a Writer – I

Writers see a different picture altogether when it comes to why we write a book or why do we wish that it does good in the market.

While I was on a holiday, I was wondering if anyone was reading my book at all? There is no blunt way to explain the fear that transcends at that point and haunts you for a while. Nevertheless, Trust me, It is the doorway to freedom for every author.


When I first began writing, folks around me suggested to get paperback copies straight away and pay some bucks to post in few groups which might help my book get some exposure. I never did and I don’t regret for not doing it either.

I started blogging and that’s when folks really got to know who I am and that’s when amazingly my book sales rose to unexpected heights and “Touch Wood”, book sales and reviews are great. I appreciate and thank all the readers who have honestly criticised and praised my poetry 🙂

Well, to the former question I raised about whether anyone really is reading my book: Definitely, even if it is friend of your friend who got your book as a gift, someone is reading your book at the end of the day 🙂