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Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, Thank you all for making this happen.

My poetry books have been among Amazon Best Sellers earlier too but never it has been #1 among 3 categories.

Wings of Emotions Vol 1: 60 poems 77 reviews.

Wings of Emotions Vol II{Silken Roses} : 30 poems  8 reviews{I haven’t had time to ask reviewers to review, the book is doing well even without reviews magically}.

Both the books are KU.

You can grab your copy from amazon or you can reach me at for a copy. I would be happy to provide if you can promise to read and review.

Thank you 🙂 Here are the screenshots attached.




My first poetry book

KU/KOLL a curse or blessing for authors?

I sometimes wonder if KU/KOLL strategy is a curse or blessing for the authors. Well, It is a blessing sometimes.

It is how you perceive and although I didn’t like it at first as an Indie, I am beginning to fall in love with it. {I’m not considering the royalty portion of the strategy}.

You can either curse the darkness or light a candle and enjoy the essence of it. Never in my two years of life as an author did my KU/KOLL units go up so much as yesterday 🙂 OfCourse, KU was introduced recently. So, I just take back what I quoted earlier.

Thank you readers 🙂 Appreciate your love and support. I am running out of steam right now.


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Thank you

Thank you Bloggers!!!
Today morning, Pop-up from WP greeted me…
Thank you for the love and support.
I find it interesting when I stop by and say hello by hitting the like button or leaving a note if I have something to say…

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