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This year during my Indian trip, a beautiful quote caught my eye @ChitChatChai when I and my friend went to hang out for a while. Although, I have read it many times and well-heard, those vibes at that moment seem to amaze me. 

my den

Say it Right


Oh you don’t mean nothing at all to me
No you don’t mean nothing at all to me
But you got what it takes to set me free
Oh you could mean everything to me…

I am so damn loving my Friday evening until my husband gets back home.

It is raining and I just made myself a cup of tea and I am humming “Say it Right” by Nelly Furtado with cookie chirping happily.

This is what I call ‘Life’ & definitely Friday.


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Just Mornings


won’t call it a good morning!!! I will stick to just “Morning”.

I have sore throat and with the blustery winds and storm, I am in no mood for a very good start.

Nevertheless, my writing continues and the cover reveal of my third book due, I am in hurry and quite confused about the blog tours or just host a Facebook event or go with the Goodreads.

Random thoughts


Slept- in sheets holding onto those creases and with the weather being cold and chill out, I hardly see the sun rays peeking through the curtains of my bedroom window once in a blue moon.

Now and then, I pause my temptation to start my day with a cup of black tea replaced with the aroma of African pride tea with some herbs I know nothing about but relish the essence and cause;

I got these tea bags from one of the outlets at Food & wine festival held a week before here at Melbourne Convention Centre. What caught my interest was the mission, some part or the whole would be for the malaria mission back in Africa I guess. Bet on it, my memory is vague to be exact.


Make your dream a possibility, love – Euphonos

My Den


Start your day with a cup of coffee and your day will seem perfect all of a sudden and what if it happens everyday?

Lol, just woke up. Spare the nonsense. I usually get carried away with my cup of tea. Somehow, caffeine isn’t my choice.