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One Day

Tidbit from Wings of Emotions Vol II —-One Day poem.

Hope you all enjoy reading these tiny lines and wish to read some more.

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My Book Cover



As we began our journey into the real world from the world of toddlers, kids, teens and adolescents, we are left with too many responsibilities. With lot going on with your family and friends, you tend to forget living your life; My statistics although not calculative and figurative help us draw some brief conclusions after talking to many individuals out there, all I can say is nobody is happy with their life completely.

This book deals with the sensitive emotions briefing the notions of many who suffer and regret the time lost and wish for the moments to live once again.


Inside the mind of a Writer

Writing is an art and Poetry is so good that it is incomplete. When I write, I literally feel their soul, be it about an animal, human emotions or non-living. Image

What comes out is never in a Writer’s hand;It could be rough, very vague sometimes too cold to bear.

When you read something, you tend to co-relate to the subjective character and believe being him/her or anything that reflects a similarity or on the contrary a difference.

I guess that could be the main reason why we don’t perhaps connect to a book or author all the time?