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The Missing

What have you read lately??

I am occupied with ‘The missing’ by Chris Mooney. Definitely a page turner. It is a marvellous piece of thriller with intense investigation and analysis. it is dark and horrific, something beyond your imagination(basement scenes)…

Don’t miss to grab your copy.. You will be glued to your chair once you hold the book.


P.S : the killer has a name and the reader gets to know all about him in the first few 100 pages 🙂

Book Reviews by me

The Frankston Serial Killer

The true crime story that details the analysis and investigation procedure in a accurate manner by Vikki Petraitis is amazing.

Although I was well aware that it actually happened and heavily sorry for the loss of those innocent women, living in places I knew being talked about is driving and compelling enough to be up for a grab. The book is a detailed description and intense analysis and finding the urge that drove Australia’s serial killer Paul Charles Denyer currently serving sentence for the three brutal murders.

I have shared the book link available on amazon if you want to pick it up.


Book Reviews by me

Kill me once

Well Readers,

I am finally done reading “kill me once” by Jon Osborne. i kind of had mixed feelings or Opinion is rather more profound and apt about the book..

Definitely a page-turner and will sure keep you on your toes.. Yet, the ending was very precise and predictable.. If you have read my earlier post on this book, you can relate to it.. In about few pages we get to know the Serial killer Nathan Stiedowe’s motive behind the killings and how he copies the previous notorious serial killers profiles and doings.. I did feel sorry for him for his dark past.. Nevertheless, its no point of going ahead and killing innocent people..

The FBI agent Dana Whitstone having lost her parents at the age of 4 has seen the killer and his piercing eyes when he brutally kills her parents..
It is about how close she is with the killer.. Does the killer know her too well or do they both think alike????

Although I didn’t want to continue reading because of the brutality in the way Nathan does his job, I couldn’t resist and finally I read it..

Have you read this book??

would love to know what you think..