my den


The darkest secrets lie deep within and there is something hidden beneath in each of us and only our soul is the spectator there. 

I gave it a thought and wrote this while my morning began coming across a quote as this

What do you think?

Obviously, you and I wouldn’t  share our deepest dark secret 👀 over here.. 

My first poetry book

Hidden Layers – Wings of Emotions Vol II

A layer of indefinite reason entangled in the cob-web of illusion,

A mystical wrap of vitality glowed in the land of grief beyond hope,

The mirth of soul dragging you towards the edge surrounded by lies,

The waves of emotions sweeping you away from the garden of memories,

The deepest dark secrets lay lifeless in the solitude of forbearance,

The effortless promises rest soulless in the magnitude of resemblance,

The ebb beyond the tides of jealousy lay endless in the eyes of his pretentiousness,

The step on the path and the kinship of soul left her a secret that wandered through the unnatural quake of dismay.

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