My Den



If there was something that worked parallel with being positive, it is being a way out with optimism. My notion of this embarrassing band of thought flow that must always be positive is pretty tough when pessimistic clouds hit my brain hard enough to never give it a try.

If my thought flow could reflect events in my favor, what more could I wish for? Yes, I can only wish and hope; doesn’t necessarily the outcome be what I wanted or even positive; Nevertheless, it is more to deal with your outlook towards any outcome and not say “think positive and it will happen” saying belongs to the books.

Untold Stories

Where my heart resides


Sitting across the bay, memories flashed across my mind. I knew the profound meant feeling I felt that literally ripped me off. I missed someone I loved so much. If I made choice to be with the one I gave my heart away to, I would end up missing my family.

“Isn’t it a matter of fortune or more apt would be fate to have your family & your love together”? Quite disturbing, I felt at that point of time;

Years have gone by but, I can never deny the fact that I have been missing either one of them all the time. In due course of time, I learned to keep things simple and straight, loosing that sense of affection somewhere down the lane during my journey. Every now and then, my soul reminds me the part of me I was back then. Though it extends beyond the horizon of circumstances, I want everyone I love to be in a place where my heart resides since I have chosen a place where I reside.