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In a world


A world full of illusion and uncertainty,

A world full of despair and swiftness,

A world full of hypocrisy and criticism,

A world full of hate and judgment,

A world full of knowledge and ignorance,

A world full of destiny and irony,

We live in 

A world full of opportunities and willingness,

A world full of joy and beauty,

A world full of inner peace and blissfulness,

A world full of acceptance and gratitude,

A world full of honesty and belief.

A world full of unconditional love of a grandmother.

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My Den · my den

Join me this Christmas

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I started this page to show it as a tribute to all the heavenly souls who make our life so beautiful.

Let’s make them feel beautiful by sharing all about them this Christmas


My Den

Holiday undenying truth Day 1

Life is hell when all of a sudden the strangers in your family become your dear ones and sit on your neck.. makes me feel dizzy and cranky…

I wonder what goes on in their head…
Is it just the repulsive notion or beyond my comprehension of the theory behing their doing..

Universe, Please hold on and walk with me through this journey of fake love, fake affection which was long lost in flames, the free-advice zone and oh crap!!! the ones who don’t seem to get a hang of what you are really wanting to say… or pretend they don’t…

All I want is to be truly happy, real happy from my inner-self and wipe away those souls of negativity spreading like wild fire just to satisfy their consciousness if they ever had one earlier ofcourse…

My Poems

If I could

MYPOEMClick to enlarge and read…

I wrote this poem today..

Thanks for reading 🙂

I might include this piece in my poetry book {Releasing soon}

P.S: e-mail me if you wanna get hold of it. Also, the picture belongs to me.

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Meet My Character Blog Tour: Linda & Michael


I am extremely happy to announce that I am participating in the Blog Hop {Blogging from the Heart Tour} for the first time and especially I would like to thank one of the amazing authors “ROBIN ROWLES” {Author of Anne and Stan’s Magical and Salt Pepper Pot Adventures} who introduced me to this exciting stuff.


Say Hello to my friend “Robin”!!!






Next up on the Blog Hop:


 Mikhail Kerrigan is another outstanding horror writer who would be participating in the Blog Tour on 20th Oct 2014.
Author’s Bio:

I dreamed I would be a writer someday, but life got in the way. A genetic malformation burst in my head (aneurysm) I almost died. It’s funny how life works sometimes; my imaginative nature never left me. Now one of the Wolf’s blood trilogy is scheduled for release in October or November 2014.

Say Hello to the wonderful author here!!!



Mikhail Kerrigan @wolfblood2012

Now, It is the time to meet my characters:


What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or a historic person?

Linda and Michael, they are both fictional evolved from my mind.

When and where is the story set?

The journey of two wonderful people during the 80’s in Gladstone {Small Town}.

What should we know about him/her?

Linda, the only daughter of Robson’s is a perfect reflection of her mother, extremely sensitive, one among the “amazing women’s” list. She is incredible to be with and a touch of presence of mind and humor makes her character bumpy.

Michael, our big guy does not cry but he is an emotional individual who believes in true love and the one who loves his family. His personality and perception reflect his soul.

What messes up his / her life?

Falling in love and being in love makes them go crazy at first. But, trusting the one you love and keeping it together becomes the biggest question in Michael’s life.

Will Michael ever trust Linda ever again?

Will Linda ever forgive and accept her love beyond the utterly un-reasonable ignorance.

What is the personal goal of the character?

They have more than everything they actually want in their life. So, Linda and Michael on their journey to find “True Love” and strongly believe in all that they go through.

Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

Yes, there is the Kindle Edition available on Amazon. Also, you can read the first chapter from my blog.

When can we expect new book to be published?

Currently, I am working on “WRITER IN YOU” which will be available on my blog and readers can download it for free. I have “Time & Regrets” releasing during Christmas.