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The soft pillow

The ringing of the phone filled the room echoing in her ears.

Linda stretched her hand to the bedside for the alarm. Thoughts spurred in her mind.

She was lost in her own thoughts with her head buried between the soft pillows of purple shades that added to the glossy look even in the moon-lit night across the bedroom window.

A pale brown two-story building with three giant rooms, grey roofs wearing off and steeply slope right ahead amidst the center of the house was all Linda’s home.

Home filled with memories of laughter and merriness.

The rose bushes pink in color still stood around the door in a random way. The white windows seemed immaculate.

Linda enjoyed the fresh blossoms and scent of the flowers. She had a garden in the backyard full of roses and tulips.

She heard the sound of breaking glass.

She quickly wrapped some decent clothes around her, the satin inner piece was doing no good after all, but something to spare her pride wouldn’t hurt.

My first poetry book

My Book

 I can’t wait to announce my current project soon. 

Well, This is not the book cover.  I was thinking about the book title and came up with this.

Is this cool? It is a self help book.

Thanks for the amazing love. If no one read,I wouldn’t be writing today.


My first poetry book

Gratitude and Wings

Smile!!! Your smile can bring joy to others..jpg

Well, having made 500 posts in 2 years, I am thankful for all those who took time to stop by and say hello. Some of you encouraged me to write, explore my inner soul and the zeal to share it all with you everyday made me who I am today.

Although I started blogging with the sole motive to share only the work of authors and mine, I began writing and sharing my quotes, any piece of information that caught my interest and pictures that have had real impact on me.

I have enjoyed every moment and I believe now is the time to show enormous amount of gratitude to you all.

Also, You can check out my poetry Volumes on Amazon 🙂 If amazon prices seem too high and if you are interested to read, Please reach me at

Thank you 🙂


My first poetry book



The consequence of naming your book and the sequel following is a pain in the neck sometimes.  The  impact of choosing the same name with the only difference being the additional tag: VOLUME II has been relatively challenging although it is very common.

At first when I started writing my first poem, I wasn’t even sure if I would ever find my poetry compiled into a book and even if it did, I could never even think about the readers or any sense of appreciation and criticism. Maybe, my confidence level was size zero.

If I can talk with my reader and keep the flow, my poems come out alive 🙂

I should have mentioned in my first poetry book about Vol II.

For all the readers,

Sorry for the confusion created among. You can pick Vol II and read it irrespective of Vol I read.

Thank you all 🙂

Note: WINGS OF EMOTIONS VOL II is unique in its own way although my first book name is the same.

WOE VOL I – 60 Poems .

WOE VOL II – 30 Poems { Every poem is a story of its own}

My Poems

If I could

MYPOEMClick to enlarge and read…

I wrote this poem today..

Thanks for reading 🙂

I might include this piece in my poetry book {Releasing soon}

P.S: e-mail me if you wanna get hold of it. Also, the picture belongs to me.

My Den

Live your moment

We all have our moments.
Forgive and Forget.
Live merrily.
Fall in love easily.
Coz you never really know what tomorrow holds for you..

Live your moment without regret.
Smile generously. A magical vibe that will let others curve their lips..

Something meaningful I wrote this morning while I was struggling to kick-start my

My first poetry book · My Poems


image (15)

I close my eyes and you are no more beside me

I raise my eyelids and I see you beside me

Blackness gallops me in swinging my heart sealed in the layers of insanity.


Denying the pleasure of the immense love you show

Denying the freedom from grief that is robbing my tomorrow

I can do nothing but hold you in my heart

I can do anything but feel alone.


The inner demons conquering my strength

I can do nothing but give no power to doubt

I can do anything but surrender to the battle.

I wonder how hard it is to hold onto

I wonder how hard it is to roar back

I fancied, you would return the way you promised.

This is a poem “YOU” from Wings of Emotions Vol II…Thanks for reading 🙂

Book Reviews by me

Kill me once

Well Readers,

I am finally done reading “kill me once” by Jon Osborne. i kind of had mixed feelings or Opinion is rather more profound and apt about the book..

Definitely a page-turner and will sure keep you on your toes.. Yet, the ending was very precise and predictable.. If you have read my earlier post on this book, you can relate to it.. In about few pages we get to know the Serial killer Nathan Stiedowe’s motive behind the killings and how he copies the previous notorious serial killers profiles and doings.. I did feel sorry for him for his dark past.. Nevertheless, its no point of going ahead and killing innocent people..

The FBI agent Dana Whitstone having lost her parents at the age of 4 has seen the killer and his piercing eyes when he brutally kills her parents..
It is about how close she is with the killer.. Does the killer know her too well or do they both think alike????

Although I didn’t want to continue reading because of the brutality in the way Nathan does his job, I couldn’t resist and finally I read it..

Have you read this book??

would love to know what you think..

Authors · My Den

A Walking Shadow

One of those books I picked up from the library yesterday..
The picture was perfect and like the author and many more out there, I wanted to know who is Edward Oxford really..


Have I? Not yet.. I am in page 48 and have mixed perception..

Something I like in this book is a quote  at the beginning of every new chapter and this is the picture and quote i like…

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Instincts of an inspiring writer as Author

Being a writer and author are two extreme ends with the only possible similarity of writing.

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