My first poetry book

My Book

 I can’t wait to announce my current project soon. 

Well, This is not the book cover.  I was thinking about the book title and came up with this.

Is this cool? It is a self help book.

Thanks for the amazing love. If no one read,I wouldn’t be writing today.


Random thoughts

The Secret


We all need a constant reminder to streamline our thoughts. You will find hell lotta crazy sticknotes all around my house reminding me to think positive and this is one line I remind myself of every morning when I wake up and every night before I goto bed.

My Den

Feeling beautiful


I am feeling beautiful on the inside too today; 

It is rather a blissful state of one’s inner-self when you have seen the world enough.

A point in life where my eyes love to see things that make me feel happy;

A stage where I just sigh when people around me gossip and smile is all they get;

Feel the Bliss 🙂

 Hold my hand and walk with me in this positive journey