My Den


Sometimes admiring art makes you feel peaceful.

Make sure you try this every day in your own time and give some credit to yourself.

Sit in a place you love be it at a coffee shop or it could be one of your favorite places you hang out very often. I am sure all of us have one. Find that place and just take a deep breath. Don’t rush. Everything and everyone can wait. Give importance to yourself and have your favourite  art picture handy and just keep looking at it for as long as you can like maybe a minute or two.

It is blissful.
Photo Credit: 9 wallpapers app. 

My Den

Friday Fullness

Watching “RED DRAGON” for the nth time and #anthonyhopkins never ceases to amaze me although there are so many refined actors πŸ™‚

My tummy full and
My soul so full,
My body is relaxing and
My mind is calm and feel so alive after a long time.. have too much on my plate right now but nothing can take away my moments πŸ™‚

Good Night all ❀