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Mars and Us

The stars were shining when I first met you,

The stars were shining and the sky so bright and magical when I first spoke to you,

Now, after years of stars shining constantly and awaiting eagerly, 

They look beyond the horizon of our love, 

“Could this be the new beginning of something more memorable and ever-lasting than the life you promised earlier?”

I rejoice the moment relishing every bite of my ‘Mars’  chocky in my hand, wondering if you will ever look up to the sky, see the same twinkling stars and feel like how I felt today.

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Friday Fullness

Watching “RED DRAGON” for the nth time and #anthonyhopkins never ceases to amaze me although there are so many refined actors 🙂

My tummy full and
My soul so full,
My body is relaxing and
My mind is calm and feel so alive after a long time.. have too much on my plate right now but nothing can take away my moments 🙂

Good Night all ❤

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Morn or bed time?

What’s that one thought before you goto bed or after you wake up in the mornings?
For me, it is the photo album of my mum and my childhood memories…somehow, I misplaced the whole bunch of pics and have been feeling low since evening….


Signing off for today… Good night…

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It has been a wonderful journey being a Indie author although each has got its Cons.


Tremendous support from you all made it easy and the event a big success.

The release date is in.the bucket now.

Picture belongs to weheartit

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Wide awake at 4am

One of those hardest crazy mid-wake up nights or early morning wake-up call actually;

I thought I would drift off to sleep easily but luck didn’t favor me today; Nevertheless, I am enjoying the early hours. Writing has been extremely productive and poems in swing, must say it is one of my best Saturday mornings for sure.

Although, I won’t deny I am little disappointed because I expected to wake up, roll over and sleep back which didn’t certainly happen. Otherwise, you won’t be reading this post now.