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Woman who married a Tree

After a long time, I am starting to read some friends posts on Facebook and today was one of those days. Guess what…My blog post title is what I read and I was like “WTF”… For a second, I believed that  I could have read it wrong or sometimes the content doesn’t go with the title at all.  So, I was second-guessing until I read it all.


Book Reviews by me

Kill me once

Well Readers,

I am finally done reading “kill me once” by Jon Osborne. i kind of had mixed feelings or Opinion is rather more profound and apt about the book..

Definitely a page-turner and will sure keep you on your toes.. Yet, the ending was very precise and predictable.. If you have read my earlier post on this book, you can relate to it.. In about few pages we get to know the Serial killer Nathan Stiedowe’s motive behind the killings and how he copies the previous notorious serial killers profiles and doings.. I did feel sorry for him for his dark past.. Nevertheless, its no point of going ahead and killing innocent people..

The FBI agent Dana Whitstone having lost her parents at the age of 4 has seen the killer and his piercing eyes when he brutally kills her parents..
It is about how close she is with the killer.. Does the killer know her too well or do they both think alike????

Although I didn’t want to continue reading because of the brutality in the way Nathan does his job, I couldn’t resist and finally I read it..

Have you read this book??

would love to know what you think..

My first poetry book

Get a hang of cozy free-verse

If you love poetry, You could find my book, a 50 poem collection of cozy poetry that’s breezy sometimes but equated with rhythm at times.  Continue reading “Get a hang of cozy free-verse”

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Be like Anne

Although going by the books or characters is not suggested, we all fall in love with the characters and feel them alive within us at some point while you are having a great book in hand;

Continue reading “Be like Anne”

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Notion of “BOOK” in my den

Let your heart and mind be troubled pondering over what a book is.


Meanwhile, I wanted to share this beautiful and cute quote about what a book is in someone’s perception.

Picture is taken from Pinterest.

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Inside the mind of a writer – II


“Do you actually write what you read?” 
“Has this ever crossed your mind?” I am a lover of mystery, crime, thriller subjects although I have great love for classics and children’s books; Now, there’s no scope for Poetry to budge into my life of multi-genres. 

We stand close to the edge but only some of us risk and try. Until we do, we never know where we fit in; Some of us might be reading and writing the same genre; While the rest of us could be exceptionally subjective and entirely reflect the opposite; 

In my notion, reader in every writer doesn’t necessarily be the writer of every book or genre he or she reads; 



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Love so elegant and gracious, his arms wrapped around her neck,

Love so delightful and joyous, she felt deep and her eyes misty twinkled eagerly,

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