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Be Grateful

Being grateful is the simplest and key thing to beginning of a wonderful journey of life.

Yet, we tend to forget being grateful most of the time and worry, get angry and cry for over silly things which don’t really mean anything..

I am one of them. Nowadays, My mantra is to remind myself that we all feel other side of the grass is always green and there’s no end to our thoughts of imagination. So, keep the drama out and roll your beautiful mind and soul sync in and enjoy the essence of your present life and situation.


My Den

Enchanting minds

Enchanting minds!!! The quotes are absolutely fantastic and thought-provoking… 

I can’t wait to get hold of this tiny book  and I don’t really know what I am gonna be upto… will keep all my lovely followers posted..

After this amazing long holiday, all that I can think of is my sweet home and loved ones whom I miss so terribly.. I wish I had wings to fly. Actually, I always wished for them.. That’s one of the notions behind my first book being titled “Wings of Emotions”..

Enough about my stupid conversation, I will be back with some interesting blog posts and author interviews and hell lot about myself.. By the way, I fell in love with the quote in the picture…

My Poems


Sometimes, I invite surprises,

Sometimes, Surprise greets me although it is unwelcoming at times.

Sometimes, I wonder if I am shamelessly unbearable to wait for nothing but surprise and caution: from a “loved one”.

Sometimes, life turns you with surprise. You have nothing less to do than join the element and enjoy the essence of it.

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