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Flowers remind me of you

I must say flowers have a way with me, go a way back. Moments of celebration & love for them reminds me of someone special and eternal.

For all those who have lost someone close to their heart, hold in your heart and remind they were loved like no other.

Captured this beautiful rose at Werribee rose garden, Victoria.


Random thoughts

A place I am never done with


I will be never done with Melbourne.There is always more in a place that is so close to you. Its not as hard as you would think at first lo leave a place or family & friends for that matter. But, Time moves on and we need to move on and I have moved on…

I am just enjoying the freedom and wanna fly as the wind takes me away. Just the beginning of my story. Been on a strict die of no sugar drinks and sweeteners to get the muffin tops. I am growing back healthy. Just too sad, I have been away from the cupcakes I love the most.

Random thoughts

Gain Your Own Voice

Breathing with my eyes closed &

Arms stretched wide across &

I see,

Road to my life ahead, carved in my house of dreams,

Facts that ought to be long hidden,

Deeds that need to be crafted,

I cherish the beauty of the moment.

Trying to gain my inner voice that is hard getting heard :):):):)