My Den

Mars and Us

The stars were shining when I first met you,

The stars were shining and the sky so bright and magical when I first spoke to you,

Now, after years of stars shining constantly and awaiting eagerly, 

They look beyond the horizon of our love, 

“Could this be the new beginning of something more memorable and ever-lasting than the life you promised earlier?”

I rejoice the moment relishing every bite of my ‘Mars’  chocky in my hand, wondering if you will ever look up to the sky, see the same twinkling stars and feel like how I felt today.

My Den

Who am I in the mornings?

Sometimes, my mornings seem aloof, I wake up with no memory of who I am.
Have you ever felt the same?


Picture is taken from pinterest.

Make your dream a possibility, love – Euphonos