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My Thoughts 

I am like the mysterious decorative piece with high self-esteem and surprise myself when I least expect. I have great love for art and some backyard fun 😊

Fresh grown apples and figs are so succulent and mouth-watering. Thanks to Mother Nature and Universe. 

Summer is more interesting than ever before. Stay tuned for more updates about my organic products and some jam recipes 🙂 

my den

Your Story

I just began ‘Your Story’ project.

Get crafty, join me. 

Soon, I am going on a holiday to India and I have plans to visit one of the orphanages and contribute every penny I earned from my books so far. 

Work for a cause. Get crafty for a cause. You can donate .99c to your level of interest and passion in making a difference. 

Thank you Readers 🙂 

my den

Get Crafty

Craft needn’t be perfection. Any piece that is a blend of passion and love is to be cherished. 

A very effortless piece with a bit of handpaint where each heart is crooked yet loving in its own way and a marker of your choice to tell anyone how adorable they are. 

Stay tuned for more. 

My Den · Our Venture

Season Greetings

I am happy and proud to be part of this team. is set to enter the world of real estate.

If you are an Australian and if you are a Victorian, We would be delighted to have you join our venture.

We are a bunch of Professionals from Victoria with great ideas and one of our little idea grew into something awesome and we want you to be part of this beginning as a customer or an agent.



We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

See you next year.

We are all over on social-media and spreading our wings across the world once we launch in our Aussie land.

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My Den

At KnockKnock

Love and Coffee at Knock Knock today seemed to have the very essence of romantic breeze swaying through the aroma of Cappuccino and Chai Latte and making an ever-lasting impression on the days before our big day 🙂

I snuggled up to my fiancee while we sat enjoying our conversation in silence..


loved every second spent there and going back soon 🙂

Random thoughts

A place I am never done with


I will be never done with Melbourne.There is always more in a place that is so close to you. Its not as hard as you would think at first lo leave a place or family & friends for that matter. But, Time moves on and we need to move on and I have moved on…

I am just enjoying the freedom and wanna fly as the wind takes me away. Just the beginning of my story. Been on a strict die of no sugar drinks and sweeteners to get the muffin tops. I am growing back healthy. Just too sad, I have been away from the cupcakes I love the most.