My first poetry book

WOE is doing well!!!!

Well, There is no tell-tale sign as to why your book is doing well in terms of reviews, sales etc…Leaving aside the usual bla bla bla, I am thankful to everyone who encouraged me constantly and kept me going..{Perhaps, I am being too modest..It is just within yourself as to how you would perceive and get going in the beginning when you aren’t even sure if your book is reachable}.


Although WOE Vol I has always been among the “Amazon Best-Sellers list” in the Poetry Genre, It has never gone to the top 10.

It is ranked #4 in the Books – Literature & Fiction – Poetry – Themes & Styles – Nature


#39 among Kindle store – Kindle eBooks – Literature and Fiction – Poetry – Love poems

Why don’t you grab a copy of it and cuddle up with a cup of tea/coffee? I am sure you won’t be disappointed because my poems talk to you.


WOE VOL II is also available and it is among the Best-Sellers for just $0.99. You might enjoy a short read since it has only 30 poems.


Finally, leave a review if you read and like/dislike my book. I still love you ๐Ÿ™‚

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Poetry by Euphonos
Poetry by Euphonos

Wings of Emotions Vol II { KINDLE} is available for less than a dollar only on AMAZON.

It is just 99cents for a day or so. Grab your copy today if you are a free-verse poetry lover or share it with your friends and family of similar interest. They might love the book.


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Who is Mr. Darcy for men ?

Every girl or woman wishes for her boyfriend or husband to be like Mr.Darcy.

Asย  I see in the book, there is pure disagreeable countenance from the very start, he hardly expresses himselfย  and he seems arrogant. Yet, I love Mr. Darcy’s character.

One reason being how ardently he loves Elizabeth Bennett and the rest you all know. Also, I adore this character for a very special add-on reason, Colin Firth.The picture is quite funny and true to the core. Guys don’t show much interest or some have no idea or least knowledge of who Mr. Darcy is.



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Ridiculous Phrase calling a Writer

“Only Profession where you’re not ridiculed if you don’t earn a penny”? Writing.

I read this while using the search engine this morning!!! The saying is not exact; I re-phrased it in my own words; I don’t appreciate or feel good reading this. There’s lot Imagebehind a writer’s work;

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Austen’s festival next year

While I was browsing on facebook, some interesting pop up fascinated me more than ever:  Jane Austen’s festival.

I am very well aware of the communities and book clubs though I haven’t had a chance to let myself in.

What grabbed my attention was the dress sewing event online and the festival going to be held in  Canberra in 2015.

That’s quite interesting and perhaps I could go.


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Austen’s Thesaurus

I came across the Austen’s thesaurus today and played around with some words and the perhaps possible words my favorite author would use. It was quite amusing thing and going to be more often referring from now.

Look up for more from the JA’s Thesaurus here