My first poetry book

Reminds Me

The only fervent wish that reminds me of you, The song that reminds me of you,
The gesture that reminds me of you,
The passion that reminds me of you,

The vulnerable wound that reminds me of you,
The intimacy that reminds me of you,
The charming spell cast so long ago that reminds me of you, The fancy snuggle that reminds me of you,

The warmth that reminds me of you strongly,
The deepest desire that reminds me of you,
The burning hope that turns back in time,
While my soul fades into the darkness of my broken heart. Wonder, if you will ever come back?


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My Den

In a world


A world full of illusion and uncertainty,

A world full of despair and swiftness,

A world full of hypocrisy and criticism,

A world full of hate and judgment,

A world full of knowledge and ignorance,

A world full of destiny and irony,

We live in 

A world full of opportunities and willingness,

A world full of joy and beauty,

A world full of inner peace and blissfulness,

A world full of acceptance and gratitude,

A world full of honesty and belief.

A world full of unconditional love of a grandmother.

Copyright @EuphonosBooks 2016.

My Poems

Happy, This Christmas

A deep breath of fresh air,

A sense of calmness deep within you,

An aura of happiness when others see you,

A curve when you smile defines your day

It is all it takes for you to feel happy.

Be happy, forget anything that worries you because there’s a long year ahead and God has already made a plan for you. So, quit thinking and lean on to his shoulder and trust him. He will guide you and make you experience the ultimate bliss.

My Poems


Sometimes, I invite surprises,

Sometimes, Surprise greets me although it is unwelcoming at times.

Sometimes, I wonder if I am shamelessly unbearable to wait for nothing but surprise and caution: from a “loved one”.

Sometimes, life turns you with surprise. You have nothing less to do than join the element and enjoy the essence of it.

Copyright @Euphonos 2015