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Your Story

I just began ‘Your Story’ project.

Get crafty, join me. 

Soon, I am going on a holiday to India and I have plans to visit one of the orphanages and contribute every penny I earned from my books so far. 

Work for a cause. Get crafty for a cause. You can donate .99c to your level of interest and passion in making a difference. 

Thank you Readers 🙂 

my den

Get Crafty

Craft needn’t be perfection. Any piece that is a blend of passion and love is to be cherished. 

A very effortless piece with a bit of handpaint where each heart is crooked yet loving in its own way and a marker of your choice to tell anyone how adorable they are. 

Stay tuned for more. 

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My heart


Picture is taken from Pinterest.

“Believe in this or you’ve got any other way around?”

I guess we all know our heart has every moment recorded, the ones you hurt or been hurt intentional or not and don’t forget the ones whp hate you.

For some reason, I get my hate fan club members in my dreams more than the ones who love me.

Mind plays the practical and goes by logic and apprehensions with just a glimpse of the situation and never really bothers.

Play partially practical and go by your heart now and then. Pocket Lesson I live with.

Make your dream a possibility, love – Euphonos

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Amazing maze morning

I had to kick start my day at the Ashcombe maze & lavender gardens, a place full of beauty. If you admire nature, it is a must visit place when you’re in Melbourne. Just an hour and half or two drive by car.