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Who is Mr. Darcy for men ?

Every girl or woman wishes for her boyfriend or husband to be like Mr.Darcy.

As  I see in the book, there is pure disagreeable countenance from the very start, he hardly expresses himself  and he seems arrogant. Yet, I love Mr. Darcy’s character.

One reason being how ardently he loves Elizabeth Bennett and the rest you all know. Also, I adore this character for a very special add-on reason, Colin Firth.The picture is quite funny and true to the core. Guys don’t show much interest or some have no idea or least knowledge of who Mr. Darcy is.



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Living like Austen

Beyond the Austen’s books, I often wonder if I ever want to live like Austen’s women, experience the elegance of Pemberley, the home estate of Mr.Darcy or Bath, a place so adorable and known from one of her finest pieces of works “Persuasion”. If I ever visit Bath, I won’t miss the Regency Tea room or the Georgian Costume.

Although I am so fond of Austen, I certainly don’t prefer living like that; The female characters like ‘Elizabeth Bennet’ from Pride & Prejudice or ‘Anne Eliot’ from Persuasion have something in their air that attracts me to the very extent in redefining my interest in my love life. In the 20th century, women’s choices are widened and scope is large enough; In the 18th, constraints on marital and occupation made a huge difference.Image

“Do I want to spend my time travelling in Carriages”?

Not really but I would love to feel that authentic pleasure.

My thoughts will continue living like Austen.

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Austen’s festival next year

While I was browsing on facebook, some interesting pop up fascinated me more than ever:  Jane Austen’s festival.

I am very well aware of the communities and book clubs though I haven’t had a chance to let myself in.

What grabbed my attention was the dress sewing event online and the festival going to be held in  Canberra in 2015.

That’s quite interesting and perhaps I could go.


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Imprint of Great Authors

I must admit, ImageI grew up reading the classic tales that enchanted my heart and soul for a while. It was a delightful journey growing up as a kid with the elusive author’s mindset. I wondered and pondered for the source behind Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice” & L.M. Montgomery’s “Green Gables”;

Falling in Love has always been profound and meaningful and feeling the classics dwell in your life isn’t a nostalgic. It is beyond the comprehension of  few who tend to estimate the boundaries of one’s feelings, wise and silly they may sound.

I admire the Author’s and the characters in their writings far much to wish for a colour of romance and mystery and hidden secrets in my love life; It is so easy to be interested in on the odds behind obsession never having to let go of something I adore from my childhood days;

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Austen’s Thesaurus

I came across the Austen’s thesaurus today and played around with some words and the perhaps possible words my favorite author would use. It was quite amusing thing and going to be more often referring from now.

Look up for more from the JA’s Thesaurus here