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What have I got???

Lol!!! I know some of you jumped upon my crazy post seeing the title.. Its actually what my blog has got for you all…

I have Aunty acid and many other humour bites

My published and un-published works

My Book links

My random thoughts 

Pictures that grasp my interest

and lot more silly conversations you will fall in love with…


My Den

Love yourself

I will hold myself and love myself. When you can love yourself, you will see the whole world differently and find it far more colorful and blissful.

Self hatred in us is the sole reason for many impossibilities.


What could be more beautiful than loving yourself and enjoying your own company?

My Den


Start your day with a cup of coffee and your day will seem perfect all of a sudden and what if it happens everyday?

Lol, just woke up. Spare the nonsense. I usually get carried away with my cup of tea. Somehow, caffeine isn’t my choice.