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My Instinct

“Does your instinct always push you on the right path or throw you away?”

Well, mostly my instinct failed very few times. I always go by my instinct. Sometimes I mess up but I don’t mind nor do I care. It sounds crappy and utter negligence to people around but I don’t mind taking chances or the risk that follows. Life without regrets and consequences is impossible; I won’t call it a life at all.


My Den

Instincts of an aspiring writer – II

ImageEvery writer works extraordinarily and has his or her own style of writing. Articulation is one of the key factors for any book;

Your job is to convey to the readers that the characters in your book are real. The challenging part lies in making the reader feel real and sink into your book and how well you do that is a real art; It gets better when you write with your mind and heart in collaboration; Can’t work without using your brain and at the same time believe in what you write no matter whether you are appreciated or criticized or even ignored;

My Den

Instincts of an aspiring writer

I wrote crap at first, lot of crap and then began writing good stuff, far better stuff. Perhaps, Gradually I’m going to get good at it; My mind is torn into different instincts; Fear was on the top when I started writing my first book but my instinct kept me going; I may not be best with what I write but I am

good at it; There’s a saying that reminds meImage

“Your Gut instinct is your greatest critic”.

We all know how hard it is to get your book published, promote and so on. It is like holding your breath under water. Reviews are like life blood of a successful promoting strategy;

My thoughts don’t end here; Will go with my thought flow and continue with the instincts of a writer.