My first poetry book

It is something…

I never really let that joy become part of my life until I wrote Volume II. There was some magical driving force that travelled along with me when I wrote every poem.

I felt a sudden sadness,

Sometimes, it was sudden urge to fight,

Other times, it was sudden urge to roar back like never before,

The sudden numbness,

The sudden dull-ache in my heart,

The sudden gust of melancholy,

The sudden rush of happiness,

The sudden memory of abandoned soul

I increased my pace to write and believed in telling a story to the world. Every poem has a story of its won in “WINGS OF EMOTIONS VOL II” and it is very close to my heart and soul.

There is concept behind everything I wrote.

Grab your copy for just .99c and feel free to share your thoughts.

My Articles

Relax Being At Home

So, Do you want to relax and feel great being at home but do want to experience the world?

A couple of things I jotted down today would do some good.


A way to go every day, a peaceful walk down the lane refreshes your memory and you feel good because it is a kind of low impact exercise for your body too.
Just wander for a while and let your thoughts go on and on as far as you know where you are going.


Taking some time to write to your dear ones rather than text or call until something that requires attention pops up is always a better way to express yourself. Pen and show you care in your old and own ways.



Pamper yourself with a relaxing bath. The aromatherapy oils could do wonders for you. Might not sound relaxing but it wouldn’t hurt. Let your worries drift away while your spirits come back.

More often, music could be more soothing. If you have a specific favorite set of tunes, you could probably enjoy that playlist while bathing.

Learning a new language


This could be just saying ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’, but saying it in a new language would make you feel great. You could search stuff online and look for podcast that can teachyou lots of stuff.


In other words you can practice yoga/ meditating. Focus upon one thing and set aside at least 15 minutes in your day fort relaxing in a different aspect.

Meeting People

If you love gatherings and even comfortable meeting strangers of similar interests, local events would interest you far more than anything else. You get to meet people, talk and have some fun.


A great change you could create is shift the stuff around and rearrange. It makes you feel better and different and pass some time away.


Of all, write how you feel about stuff. It could be even a recipe you have made at home or something funny that happened and share. A blog or journal would also sound interesting.

Books & Tv


Books and watching TV are two other favorite things I would love to enjoy if I am home.

Grab books from the library or buy if anything interests you. Try spending some timereading books. It might seem lame for those who don’t read books.

Well, There is no end to our ideas when we start to think. Is there?

Go ahead. Pick your perfect ways to spend time and relax at home with the weekend ahead.

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Instincts of an inspiring writer as Author

Being a writer and author are two extreme ends with the only possible similarity of writing.

Continue reading “Instincts of an inspiring writer as Author”

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If there was something that worked parallel with being positive, it is being a way out with optimism. My notion of this embarrassing band of thought flow that must always be positive is pretty tough when pessimistic clouds hit my brain hard enough to never give it a try.

If my thought flow could reflect events in my favor, what more could I wish for? Yes, I can only wish and hope; doesn’t necessarily the outcome be what I wanted or even positive; Nevertheless, it is more to deal with your outlook towards any outcome and not say “think positive and it will happen” saying belongs to the books.

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Journey of life



Life is too short to be worrying about those who judge you; Be who you are and you don’t judge others. That’s the least we can all do. Everything else will fall into place. After all, mocking, judging tends to make us pretend more and more and we end up with lost self-consciousness.


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Caught in a cob-web of confusion & Contradictions



Mind full of cob-webs and confused between my attitude and who am I really. This is such a huge thing for me; Deciding between who am I and who am I really bothers me and either I make something out of it or I am done living loving my life.It is pretty easy to lie, reason and explain and fake your life. I don’t care attitude surely doesn’t work at times and you realize your fake smile and attitude works. That’s when who am I really comes into picture.There’s confusion and so much going on all the time in my life that I never get to think clearly; I am always confused except while I am writing; I make sure I do that or else you’d end up reading and becoming the biggest critique.

“Have I talked too much nonsense”? Surely, there must be some sense in it. I understand its with my mind and soul contradicting each other all the time which is very unusual among my friends; They must be thinking, I am one crazy but gutsy woman who always has her way out while my heart says “No”, my mind says “Who really cares”?




My first poetry book

My first Tweet

Somehow, it was never in my mind that I could tweet. I started using Facebook in 2009 if I remember correctly.

Today, Ultimately I have my twitter account active and tweeted. Its pretty good and I am having fun connecting and lots to explore.