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Sometimes admiring art makes you feel peaceful.

Make sure you try this every day in your own time and give some credit to yourself.

Sit in a place you love be it at a coffee shop or it could be one of your favorite places you hang out very often. I am sure all of us have one. Find that place and just take a deep breath. Don’t rush. Everything and everyone can wait. Give importance to yourself and have your favourite  art picture handy and just keep looking at it for as long as you can like maybe a minute or two.

It is blissful.
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My first poetry book

It is something…

I never really let that joy become part of my life until I wrote Volume II. There was some magical driving force that travelled along with me when I wrote every poem.

I felt a sudden sadness,

Sometimes, it was sudden urge to fight,

Other times, it was sudden urge to roar back like never before,

The sudden numbness,

The sudden dull-ache in my heart,

The sudden gust of melancholy,

The sudden rush of happiness,

The sudden memory of abandoned soul

I increased my pace to write and believed in telling a story to the world. Every poem has a story of its won in “WINGS OF EMOTIONS VOL II” and it is very close to my heart and soul.

There is concept behind everything I wrote.

Grab your copy for just .99c and feel free to share your thoughts.

My Poems

If I could

MYPOEMClick to enlarge and read…

I wrote this poem today..

Thanks for reading 🙂

I might include this piece in my poetry book {Releasing soon}

P.S: e-mail me if you wanna get hold of it. Also, the picture belongs to me.

My first poetry book

Hidden Layers – Wings of Emotions Vol II

A layer of indefinite reason entangled in the cob-web of illusion,

A mystical wrap of vitality glowed in the land of grief beyond hope,

The mirth of soul dragging you towards the edge surrounded by lies,

The waves of emotions sweeping you away from the garden of memories,

The deepest dark secrets lay lifeless in the solitude of forbearance,

The effortless promises rest soulless in the magnitude of resemblance,

The ebb beyond the tides of jealousy lay endless in the eyes of his pretentiousness,

The step on the path and the kinship of soul left her a secret that wandered through the unnatural quake of dismay.

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My Den

Man’s Best Friend

I was just wondering how much I have grown as an individual; The older, the wiser you become and values, morals etc..are at your door-step.

“A man’s best friend is his second thought”.

Well, that’s in fact very true. I am afraid I don’t really know the whose and when about this quote but I am truly inspired. This rings in my mind all the time and before I really speak anything, I ensure my words have some meaning; Otherwise, I remain calm nowadays. Maybe, that’s part of growing up.

My Den

Falling asleep

“May you fall asleep in the arms of a dream, so beautiful, you’ll cry when you awake”. – Michael Faudet

Signing off and drifting away to my land of dreams some vague, some conscious and truthful, some so intimidating and some so subtle and real like never before.

Good night 🙂