my den

Fun with potato

Well, Baking is always fun.

Baked potatoes with roasted garlic and my magic ingredients coming right up in a new post 😜

Freshly home made is always more special because it is made with extra care and love.

Fitness Milestone

Better than a couch potato

“What do you think?”, Today although the weather was quite cold and with the downpour an hour earlier, I walked 3000+ steps in and around where I live; Perhaps, it is a perfect way to start off my morning.

ImageI read and hear there’s lot going on with the living healthy doesn’t count for the steps you take; But I think, doing
something is better than nothing. You walk at your own pace at first then slowly the intensity enhances and you’re up for a better reason.

It all depends on the direction of causality here and no one is a better judge.