My Poems

Happy, This Christmas

A deep breath of fresh air,

A sense of calmness deep within you,

An aura of happiness when others see you,

A curve when you smile defines your day

It is all it takes for you to feel happy.

Be happy, forget anything that worries you because there’s a long year ahead and God has already made a plan for you. So, quit thinking and lean on to his shoulder and trust him. He will guide you and make you experience the ultimate bliss.

My Den

Be Grateful

Being grateful is the simplest and key thing to beginning of a wonderful journey of life.

Yet, we tend to forget being grateful most of the time and worry, get angry and cry for over silly things which don’t really mean anything..

I am one of them. Nowadays, My mantra is to remind myself that we all feel other side of the grass is always green and there’s no end to our thoughts of imagination. So, keep the drama out and roll your beautiful mind and soul sync in and enjoy the essence of your present life and situation.


My Den

My prayer

Hello!!! Happy Wednesday. I didn’t have anything much to share since past few days but just a day has passed beginning the month of July and I am glad and thankful for the life I have now;

Pray for all those who are in tears and suffering irrespective of the circumstance or the cause and reasons maybe;

Join me in boosting my thoughtful prayer.