My first poetry book

Gratitude and Wings

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Well, having made 500 posts in 2 years, I am thankful for all those who took time to stop by and say hello. Some of you encouraged me to write, explore my inner soul and the zeal to share it all with you everyday made me who I am today.

Although I started blogging with the sole motive to share only the work of authors and mine, I began writing and sharing my quotes, any piece of information that caught my interest and pictures that have had real impact on me.

I have enjoyed every moment and I believe now is the time to show enormous amount of gratitude to you all.

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Thank you 🙂


My Den

Be Grateful

Being grateful is the simplest and key thing to beginning of a wonderful journey of life.

Yet, we tend to forget being grateful most of the time and worry, get angry and cry for over silly things which don’t really mean anything..

I am one of them. Nowadays, My mantra is to remind myself that we all feel other side of the grass is always green and there’s no end to our thoughts of imagination. So, keep the drama out and roll your beautiful mind and soul sync in and enjoy the essence of your present life and situation.