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Keep Sane 

In my craft blog, I post updates of the tiny things I make at home. 

A Wooden organizer painted and decorated with flowers. I have to decorate more.  

Keep sane and paint. Share your thoughts, your work or ideas.  

My Den

The Craft Women


All of a sudden, The craft women in me woke up and surprised me this morning. Sometime back when I visited one of my friends house, I saw a beautiful collection of craft work which she does at her leisure hours. After that, I wondered and felt lost for a while because there was this feeling inside me which was tearing me apart that I couldn’t do anything girly or what women usually are supposed to know. I can cook and keep my home organised and make my bed. But, Is that really enough?

“Could I do something more creative?” This kept bothering me for a while but I am one of those who has a big time problem to kick start anything. Once I am over that first try, I make wonders happen seriously.

So, I quit my job sometime ago and started writing. My poetry books are out on amazon and they are among the best-sellers. So, I contradict my perplexing attitude of low self-confidence or my capacity to do anything. But, this craft work, home decorations, sewing, knitting, playing instrument are way of my imagination although I love them all. I love doing all that.

That’s why I am here today to take some baby steps in being a crafty women.

Here’s my blog for more updates:

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