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When I wake up

What do you do when you wake up???

Usually, the first thing I do when I wake up is think about my Grandma.. She is far far away in another country and I totally miss being with her. Anyways, life goes on no matter what… the very touch I feel is my hubby’s hand warmth and that feeling is amazing because he can never love me less.

Second thing : My Phone πŸ™‚ I can sense the way she looks at me, after so many years I have lost my place slightly and nevertheless I desire your touch.. lol!!! Am I weird??? why the hell will I hear my mobi say this πŸ˜’

Good Morning WordPress

Explore your today and forget your yesterdays

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My first poetry book

It is something…

I never really let that joy become part of my life until I wrote Volume II. There was some magical driving force that travelled along with me when I wrote every poem.

I felt a sudden sadness,

Sometimes, it was sudden urge to fight,

Other times, it was sudden urge to roar back like never before,

The sudden numbness,

The sudden dull-ache in my heart,

The sudden gust of melancholy,

The sudden rush of happiness,

The sudden memory of abandoned soul

I increased my pace to write and believed in telling a story to the world. Every poem has a story of its won in β€œWINGS OF EMOTIONS VOL II” and it is very close to my heart and soul.

There is concept behind everything I wrote.

Grab your copy for just .99c and feel free to share your thoughts.

My Den


How lovely it would be if I connect and talk to all my readers out there..Since that’s practically impossible and out of boundaries, I would like to take the chance to connect virtually and perhaps develop a sense of friendship with you all.

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Signing off for today. Good Night.

Thank you and love you all πŸ™‚

My first poetry book · My Poems

One Day

Tidbit from Wings of Emotions Vol II —-One Day poem.

Hope you all enjoy reading these tiny lines and wish to read some more.

Grab your copy today for just $2.99. Vol II is a compilation of 30 poems wherein every poem has a story to tell.


My Poems

If I could

MYPOEMClick to enlarge and read…

I wrote this poem today..

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

I might include this piece in my poetry book {Releasing soon}

P.S: e-mail me if you wanna get hold of it. Also, the picture belongs to me.

My first poetry book · My Poems


image (15)

I close my eyes and you are no more beside me

I raise my eyelids and I see you beside me

Blackness gallops me in swinging my heart sealed in the layers of insanity.


Denying the pleasure of the immense love you show

Denying the freedom from grief that is robbing my tomorrow

I can do nothing but hold you in my heart

I can do anything but feel alone.


The inner demons conquering my strength

I can do nothing but give no power to doubt

I can do anything but surrender to the battle.

I wonder how hard it is to hold onto

I wonder how hard it is to roar back

I fancied, you would return the way you promised.

This is a poem “YOU” from Wings of Emotions Vol II…Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

My Den · My first poetry book · My Poems


Poetry by Euphonos
Poetry by Euphonos

Wings of Emotions Vol II { KINDLE} is available for less than a dollar only on AMAZON.

It is just 99cents for a day or so. Grab your copy today if you are a free-verse poetry lover or share it with your friends and family of similar interest. They might love the book.


My Poems

Guilty or Nah!!!

“The scary shades with guilt covered all over my face,

I regret for something I had no control of”.

“Should I feel guilty?”

“Am I responsible?”

I will know in time.

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