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Let go

Let go what or whom you held on for so long and you will begin to see what is in for you ahead. 

It is all a matter of time and perspective before we realize at some point how long we have held onto because of fear or because you are so afraid to think about living without someone or something. 


My Den

The Craft Women


All of a sudden, The craft women in me woke up and surprised me this morning. Sometime back when I visited one of my friends house, I saw a beautiful collection of craft work which she does at her leisure hours. After that, I wondered and felt lost for a while because there was this feeling inside me which was tearing me apart that I couldn’t do anything girly or what women usually are supposed to know. I can cook and keep my home organised and make my bed. But, Is that really enough?

“Could I do something more creative?” This kept bothering me for a while but I am one of those who has a big time problem to kick start anything. Once I am over that first try, I make wonders happen seriously.

So, I quit my job sometime ago and started writing. My poetry books are out on amazon and they are among the best-sellers. So, I contradict my perplexing attitude of low self-confidence or my capacity to do anything. But, this craft work, home decorations, sewing, knitting, playing instrument are way of my imagination although I love them all. I love doing all that.

That’s why I am here today to take some baby steps in being a crafty women.

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My first poetry book

WOE is doing well!!!!

Well, There is no tell-tale sign as to why your book is doing well in terms of reviews, sales etc…Leaving aside the usual bla bla bla, I am thankful to everyone who encouraged me constantly and kept me going..{Perhaps, I am being too modest..It is just within yourself as to how you would perceive and get going in the beginning when you aren’t even sure if your book is reachable}.


Although WOE Vol I has always been among the “Amazon Best-Sellers list” in the Poetry Genre, It has never gone to the top 10.

It is ranked #4 in the Books – Literature & Fiction – Poetry – Themes & Styles – Nature


#39 among Kindle store – Kindle eBooks – Literature and Fiction – Poetry – Love poems

Why don’t you grab a copy of it and cuddle up with a cup of tea/coffee? I am sure you won’t be disappointed because my poems talk to you.


WOE VOL II is also available and it is among the Best-Sellers for just $0.99. You might enjoy a short read since it has only 30 poems.


Finally, leave a review if you read and like/dislike my book. I still love you 🙂

My Den

Fear of Writing

Whether it was the 18th or the 20th, we all fear when we write; The sole reason being the judgmental opinion of a reader surpasses the confidence issue in a writer.Image“Do you fear about what you write or you are just worried that something might go wrong when you start to write?” I must say, it is the fear that pulled me back; When I started my first book, I asked myself “Am I really a writer”?, At that point there wasn’t much to throw away my fear except just smile and forget.

All I can say is go on there and don’t look back; The day you write without fear and write your heart and soul into the book, You have got all the answers; You can write for hours worrying and without a benefit of doubt I must say, it won’t be good enough.So, Go on and write definitely with a positive setback and you’ll fly high. There is no doubt and no fear.