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I started this page to show it as a tribute to all the heavenly souls who make our life so beautiful.

Let’s make them feel beautiful by sharing all about them this Christmas


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All I meant was “How was weekend?”

Hehehe.. I had a lovely time with close friends and family. We cooked and enjoyed a delicious tummy full dinner and now all you find me doing is yawn, yawn


and yawn πŸ™‚

Although Victorian weather has not been herself lately, still enjoying the cold and rain.

Happy weekend rest of the world  and happy monday to rest of us.

Thats me in the pic 😋

My Den

Holiday undenying truth Day 1

Life is hell when all of a sudden the strangers in your family become your dear ones and sit on your neck.. makes me feel dizzy and cranky…

I wonder what goes on in their head…
Is it just the repulsive notion or beyond my comprehension of the theory behing their doing..

Universe, Please hold on and walk with me through this journey of fake love, fake affection which was long lost in flames, the free-advice zone and oh crap!!! the ones who don’t seem to get a hang of what you are really wanting to say… or pretend they don’t…

All I want is to be truly happy, real happy from my inner-self and wipe away those souls of negativity spreading like wild fire just to satisfy their consciousness if they ever had one earlier ofcourse…

My Book Cover



As we began our journey into the real world from the world of toddlers, kids, teens and adolescents, we are left with too many responsibilities. With lot going on with your family and friends, you tend to forget living your life; My statistics although not calculative and figurative help us draw some brief conclusions after talking to many individuals out there, all I can say is nobody is happy with their life completely.

This book deals with the sensitive emotions briefing the notions of many who suffer and regret the time lost and wish for the moments to live once again.

Untold Stories

The Untold Story of a Gentleman


The unusual day, when things seem to go my way but in vain. Nothing seemed in place and everything felt apart leaving me unfixed. I had to gather parts of my life events that eventually turned out to worsen for who I was becoming in no time. People called me “Bogan”. I knew my life meant much more worthy than being treated the way I was being;

I wouldn’t blame anyone for that matter, not even myself. I had to actually question myself for all the stuff that costed me. For quite sometime, I denied the fact about me being the sole reason for my life to end up so empty;

The girl I loved, I lost her in no time & the job i enjoyed, long gone & never gave enough for any relationship to bond.I was all alone. The decisions I made were beyond reasoning. Β Time to grab my gear!!!! I couldn’t….

“How can anyone live so easily with the thickest fear of being a loner when you have a family in the world, so dear they are?”…..

Inner soul that touched my heart, when I heard a gentleman share his part of life he never wanted to let go; While many think they do not have answers for their life, here is the man who has answers for the events that tore his life apart and wanna go back to get his life in shape!!! Wish him the best……