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Beyond Rugged Looks

Lately, I have been talking to my girlfriends and women around and here are some interesting but gross stuff from their perspective.

Never stopped wondering throughout my life trying to figure out what’s beyond those rugged looks.

Anyways, here are some interesting facts about men:

  • Men love food. I know what you have in mind right now{ Crap, who doesn’t love food} Well, they like it a bit more.
  • Men love their phones especially while they sit for hours in the bathroom. Every women will know what I am talking about if you have only 1 bathroom in your house.
  • Men don’t like to be contradicted or opposed in public especially husbands. 
  • Every man will love some sport whether they know how to play is a million dollar question.
  • All men hate classic movies or anything that’s too dramatic but some create so much drama wherever they go.
  • Men love to keep it casual whether they are going shopping or for groceries until and unless they are required.
  • Men love television no matter what airs in it or they are married to their laptops n phones.
  • Men don’t like to beat around the bush much. You tell them what you think, what you feel and they will do all that they can.
  • When men meet up they talk about sports, sex, work and TV probably.
  • Men hate to be interrupted and they love to win. Who doesn’t, seriously?
  • Men love babies a lot more than women do but they don’t like to put themselves out.
  • Men love spontaneity in bed.
  • Well, these might not interest some and you might find some of them gross. It is just for fun we put them together.

Let’s connect. I will be posting facts about women and men more & more.

P.S: Nothing is personal. It is just a perspective from a crazy bunch of women.





Random thoughts

Woman who married a Tree

After a long time, I am starting to read some friends posts on Facebook and today was one of those days. Guess what…My blog post title is what I read and I was like “WTF”… For a second, I believed that  I could have read it wrong or sometimes the content doesn’t go with the title at all.  So, I was second-guessing until I read it all.

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Holiday undenying truth Day 1

Life is hell when all of a sudden the strangers in your family become your dear ones and sit on your neck.. makes me feel dizzy and cranky…

I wonder what goes on in their head…
Is it just the repulsive notion or beyond my comprehension of the theory behing their doing..

Universe, Please hold on and walk with me through this journey of fake love, fake affection which was long lost in flames, the free-advice zone and oh crap!!! the ones who don’t seem to get a hang of what you are really wanting to say… or pretend they don’t…

All I want is to be truly happy, real happy from my inner-self and wipe away those souls of negativity spreading like wild fire just to satisfy their consciousness if they ever had one earlier ofcourse…

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Turning 30

Well, In a day I turn 30. That isn’t a big deal for many but it is for me. I have been figuring out where am I really in terms of living my life and living my dreams.

Yesterday, I read something that pulled and pushed few strings of Awwws and my jaw. But, thoroughly the words I read made sense ” Success is perspectival” { The person talks about turning 30 and the inner perception towards the taste of success in life about buying a 4 bedroom house and so on…nothing could fetch anything until he lived his dreams although he had everything}.

We all grow wiser as we grow older.. I can’t wait to share my inner reflections of me turning 30.

Random Lines

Midnight Wake up Psycho facts

“Ever happened with you”? When I was 18, I woke up in the mid night and startled my sister too by scaring her some creepy stuff; Finally we realized the shadows were us but no other;