My Poems


Sometimes, I invite surprises,

Sometimes, Surprise greets me although it is unwelcoming at times.

Sometimes, I wonder if I am shamelessly unbearable to wait for nothing but surprise and caution: from a “loved one”.

Sometimes, life turns you with surprise. You have nothing less to do than join the element and enjoy the essence of it.

Copyright @Euphonos 2015

My Den

Law of Detachment

Right now… I am going through the phase of living by “law of detachment”… Have you done this ever before???

Well, it is not going to be a piece of cake work for me for sure but its worth changing for the better..

Without any intention, I sometimes fall prey for the loop of how I want my friends and family to be with me while they end up being nothing like how I am with them.. that’s beginning to change.. I am changing.. wish me best 👧