my den


If you have confidence and willingness to make something happen, success is at your doorstep. Dreams become real only when you have the spirit in you. Make your dream come true. Feel empowered and change the way you look at things.

My Den

Waiting for a miracle

I am not anti social with my thoughts and hopes. At the same time, I don’t just sit and believe that something huge is going to happen pretty quick and change my life forever. I do give in my best.

Yet, somewhere deep down in the bottom of my heart, I do wait for miracles to happen. Do you?


My Den

Wildest Dream – Sample from my Book preview

Clock ticking by,
Fluttering eyelids rapidly,
Fancy, wrapped in your arms.

Every glimpse of you,
A fantasy.

Ever since I saw you,
My imagination ran with you
Along the woods.

The swinging door to my heart,
Pinned down here tonight,
In my wildest dream.

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